Martha + Mary (a Year Five Perspective)


Tonight was our performing arts evening (our Celebration of Learning). It was absolutely epic. The kids wrote and performed their own ballads as well as a rap about the Black Saturday bushfires. A saltwater crocodile and box jellyfish battled it out in verse on stage not to mention the beautiful contemporary dance about bushfires and the dance they created set on the goldfields. In between most acts we had multimedia projects playing and one of my favourite parts of the performance was the kids rocking out backstage whilst one of these played before the curtains parted for the final medley of songs. So much fun.

But in all the craziness and stress leading up to the big night, our classroom prayer was not always being prioritised. So today, on the most stressful of days, we took time out to sit and pray together.

We listened to the story of Martha and Mary. I explained that I had chosen it because I had let prayer fall by the wayside in all the busyness. Mea culpa. Before reading it, we talked about what it feels like when someone else doesn’t seem to be doing anything and you’re left to do all the work. I think most ten year old kids with siblings can relate to this!
We talked about something of the things that Martha may have been busy with in her preparations, such as cooking.

After listening to it a few times, the kids shared their thoughts.

One girl said that Mary is listening to the Word of the Lord but Martha is choosing to work instead of listen. That one really hits home. We talked about how sometimes we can be so busy ‘saying prayers’ that we forget to listen to the Lord. I gave an example of how when praying the Rosary, I’m sometimes thinking about what other prayers I’ll pray afterwards.

I think it was following on from that thought when a student said that Martha cares about impressing, Mary cares about listening. Ouch. So true.

Something one student said absolutely went straight to the heart. I wish I’d been able to record what she said word for word because it was so profound. The following is my attempt at remembering and paraphrasing what she said:

This girl reminded us that Jesus is the Supper of the Lamb. Mary and Martha and the apostles didn’t actually need anything, Martha didn’t need to prepare a meal, because Jesus – the Supper of the Lamb – is already there. He brings all that you need. God Himself provides the Lamb.

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